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Business Aviation Transport

  • cargo handling;

  • warehousing; 

  • cargo placement in temporary storage warehouses; 

  • packaging, labeling, weighing; 

  • door-to-door delivery; 

  • cargo insurance; 

  • customs documentation; 

  • informational support.

Maritime Cargo Transportation"

  • cargo handling

  • stevedoring works;

  • collection, storage in warehouses; 

  • consolidation of goods at temporary storage warehouses (temporary storage warehouses); 

  • CMR notes, customs documentation; insurance; 

  • cargo tracking;

Freight Transport by Road

  • Flexible route planning;

  • Delivery from door to door;

  • Contract for the individual carriage of goods;

  • Fast delivery within the stipulated time;

  • Cargo tracking in real time;

  • Delivery exactly to the specified address.

  • Transport oversized cargo and those that do not meet the technical conditions of loading (for example, individual cargo not intended for transportation by road or road transport);

  • transport various cargoes all year round;

  • Transport oversized cargo, since rail transportation allows much larger volumes than other types of land transport;

  • Transport cargo to the most distant countries and cities;

  • This is a great way to reduce shipping costs.

Cargo Transportation by Rail

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